The Class 195 Civity is a diesel multiple-unit manufactured by CAF, in use on Waterline. These trains are formed of 2 (195/0) or 3 (195/1) coaches, and cost 1125 points (1500 points normally).


  • This is the first train on Waterline to have coach variants (Class 165 and 166 not counted because they are two entirely different trains)
  • This train currently uses the same sounds as Class 165 and Class 166.
  • These trains (both the Class 195/0 and 195/1, along with the Class 171) are common on the Benton to Greenslade route. These trains are also common the Newry to Greenslade route as well and the Class 195/0 only is also commonly used on the Morganstown Shuttle.
  • This train is identical to the Class 331 on Stepford Connect, however the Class 331 is an electric multiple-unit while this train is a diesel multiple-unit. This train also has 2 or 3 coaches, as opposed to 3 or 4 coaches on the Class 331.
  • This train was never explicitly revealed before release. On 20 February 2020, BanTech uploaded a photo of all NG Trains on the SCR Discord. Though BanTech did not mention the existence of a new Waterline train in that photo explicitly, some people in the community spotted this very soon, and identified it as a Class 195.
  • The Class 195/1 can fit perfectly on the platforms of Morganstown Docks and Whitney Green.
  • Along with the Class 331, the cab of the Class 195 is said to be one of the best cabs in the game, rivaling the Class 707 and Class 801/802.
  • This train, the Class 220, the Class 221 and the Class 331 are the only trains in SCR to have the SCR logo on the front of the train.
    • In real life, this is where the CAF logo would be.
  • In real life, these trains, along with the Class 331 have destination boards on the side.
  • In real life, these trains are operated by Northern Trains, and has replaced the infamous Pacer trains.
  • The stop marker at Morganstown shows only trains with 2 coaches will be able to stop there, so the /0 variant of this train will be able to travel on the shuttle route.
  • You can see parts of the rushed texturing of the Class 331 on both variants. The reason for this is likely because the Class 195 is based on the model of the Class 331 but without a pantograph and with Waterline livery. It may be fixed when converted into CSG.
  • In Version 1.5, this train got a new livery, but still used the old Waterline logo.
  • This and the Class 165 are the only Waterline trains to have coach variants.
  • The Class 195/0 is one of the shortest trains in the SCR, alongside the Class 165/0, Class 171 and Class 158/9.



After repainted with new livery

Before repainted with new livery

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