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The British Rail Class 195 Civity is a diesel multiple-unit manufactured by CAF, in use on Stepford Connect and Waterline. These trains are formed of 4 (195/2) coaches on Stepford Connect and 2 (195/0) or 3 (195/1) coaches on Waterline; and costs 1,500 points for the Waterline variants and 500 points for the Stepford Connect variant, but requires the Class 331 to be purchased first.

The British Rail Class 195 Civity is a diesel multiple-unit manufactured by CAF, in use on Waterline. These trains are formed of 2 (/0) or 3 (/1) coaches and costs 1,500 points.


  • This is the first train on Waterline to have coach variants (Class 165 and 166 are not counted because they are two different trains).
  • These trains (both the Class 195/0 and 195/1, along with the Class 171) are common on R013 (Benton <> Greenslade). These trains are also common on R010 (Newry <> Greenslade) as well, and the Class 195/0 is also the most commonly used on the Morganstown Shuttle for its lower price compared to other Waterline trains that can operate the Shuttle service.
    • Though this changed when the Class 143's cost was changed from 2,500 points to 1,000, making the Class 143 more common than this train.
  • This train was never explicitly revealed before release. On 20 February 2020, Innovations Director BanTech uploaded a photo of all NG Trains on the SCR Discord. Although BanTech did not mention the existence of a new Waterline train in that photo explicitly, some people in the community spotted this very soon, and identified it as a Class 195.
  • The Class 195/1 can fit perfectly on the platforms of Morganstown Docks and Whitney Green along with most other 3 car Waterline trains.
  • The stop markers at Morganstown's platform 5A, 5B, and 6 (platform 6 has both an S stop marker and Shuttle 2 stop markers for R015 and AirLink services) shows only trains with 2 coaches will be able to stop there, so the /0 variant of this train is able to travel on the shuttle route with 2 car trains.
  • In V1.5, this train got a new livery, but still used the old Waterline logo. This was fixed in V1.6.
  • This train, the Class 143 and Class 165 are the only Waterline trains to have coach variants.
  • The Class 195/0 is one of the shortest trains in the SCR, alongside the Class 143/6, Class 158/9, Class 165/0 and Class 171.
  • At the release of V1.7.1, when this train was spawned, the Passenger Information Screens would show "We are now at Stepford East", a station that was not served by Waterline. This was later fixed.
  • The Class 195/0s are the fastest two-coach trains (alongside the Class 171) in SCR, with a top speed of 100 MPH.

The British Rail Class 195/2 Civity is a diesel multiple-unit manufactured by CAF, in use on Stepford Connect. The class is formed of two 2-coach units (4 coaches in total) and costs 500 points, but requires the Class 331 to be purchased first.


  • This the first train that requires players to own another train class first before it can be bought, in this case, the Class 331.
  • The Class 195/2 is the first double-unit train on Stepford Connect.
  • Out of all double-units currently in the game, the Class 195/2 is the only one to not have a functioning cab door. Instead, the local doors are the passenger doors closest to the front of the rear unit.
    • Like the Class 331, the local door is dependant on which side the doors are opening, the Guard must use the door with a guard panel next to it (which would be the door that opens first).
    • The local door is at the penultimate/fifth passenger door if the platform is on the left, and the last/sixth passenger door if the platform is on the right.
    • For some reason, this train has the same unit number for both units, despite being different units. This is likely a coding limitation. This also applies to the Class 43, Class 68, Class 143/7, Class 165/1 and the Class 185/2.


Doors opening
Doors closing


  • This train currently uses similar sounds as the Class 331. The door chimes and horn are the same, but the idle and accelerating sounds are different.
  • Although this train is near-identical to the Class 331 on Stepford Connect, the Class 331 is an electric multiple-unit (EMU) while this train is a diesel multiple-unit (DMU). This train also has 2 or 3 coaches, as opposed to 3 or 4 coaches on the Class 331. The 331 also has a pantograph, while the 195 does not.
  • Along with the Class 331, the cab of the Class 195 is said by many to have one of the best cabs in the game, rivaling the Class 707 and Class 801/802.
  • This train, alongside the similar Class 331, used to display the SCR logo on the front of the train. This, however, was removed on both trains when they were upgraded to NGv3 in V1.9.1, and no trains currently carry the SCR logo on the front of the train.
    • In real life, the former location of the SCR logo on the train's front is where the CAF logo would be placed.
  • In real life, these trains, along with the Class 331 have destination boards on the side.
    • When the train model was updated in V1.9.1, destination boards on the side were added.
  • This was the final train to be introduced as NGv1.
    • Ironically, its sister, the Class 331, was the final train to be introduced as a paper train.
  • Prior to the NGv3 upgrade in V1.9.1, players could see parts of the rushed texturing of the Class 331 on both variants. The reason for this is likely because the Class 195 is based on the model of the Class 331 but without a pantograph and with Waterline livery.
  • On 22 May 2022, Managing Director Charlie_RBX sneak peeked a double variant of this train on Stepford Connect, along with the Class 331/1.
  • The Class 195 is the third train to be on 2 operators simultaneously; the first was the Class 185, and the second was the Class 730.