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The British Rail Class 185 Desiro is a diesel multiple-unit manufactured by Siemens, in use on both Stepford Connect and AirLink. These trains are formed of 3 or 6 (AirLink double unit) coaches and cost 1,500 points. The Double AirLink Class 185 can be unlocked after purchasing the single variant AirLink train.

The British Rail Class 185/0 Desiro is a diesel multiple-unit manufactured by Siemens, in use on Stepford Connect. These trains are formed of 3 coaches and costs 1,500 points.


The British Rail Class 185 Desiro is a diesel multiple-unit manufactured by Siemens, in use on AirLink. These trains are formed of 3 or 6 (Double unit) coaches and costs 1,500 points.


  • Prior to V1.8.2, the double unit was the only 6-coach train added into SCR, since the removal of the Class 700.
    • The Class 717 was added in the aforementioned update, so it's not the only 6-coach train.
  • This is the first train with a double variant.
  • There is a 1% chance that one of the 3 car AirLink units can be numbered 185185.
  • For some reason, the double unit has the same unit number for both units, despite being different units. This is likely a coding limitation. This also applies to the Class 43, Class 68, Class 143/7, Class 165/1 and Class 195/2.
  • The AirLink variant was the first paper/legacy train in the game to be converted into a Next Generation train with working doors and interiors. The Class 158 and Class 508 were never paper, they were added to the game Next Generation.
  • The double unit is the longest DMU in SCR, at 6 coaches, however, the 5 car HST is longer if you count the locomotives (7 coaches).
  • When the AirLink variant got its livery updated, an AirLink logo was added on the front of the train, along with the others AirLink trains.


Doors opening
Doors closing


  • The Class 185s were not often in service due to its poor texturing. In V1.1, this changed, as they were refurbished and the usage also increased when they were upgraded to Next Generation. However, these trains now have noisy motor sounds compared to the other trains, so they started getting unfavourable again in around V1.3.20.
  • This is one of the three trains to be on more than one operator at a time, (Stepford Connect and AirLink).
    • However, this does not mean you can get both versions with a one-time purchase. They are separated into (CN) and (AL), which is not the same in the game code.
    • The other are the Class 195 and the Class 730, both on Stepford Connect and Waterline.
  • The Class 185 is the first train in SCR to offer First Class accommodation. On a single AirLink unit, it is located at the front where you start driving from. On a Double AirLink unit, it is located in the middle.
    • The first class section on Stepford Connect units is declassified, having standard class seats in the normal 2+2 configuration and a glass divider.
  • The double AirLink Class 185 is the only train to be announced that First Class is located at the middle.
  • The Class 185 is the train used in QD training.
  • The door chimes of this train are not accurate to real life, as the real life Class 185 uses the same door chimes used on the Desiro UK trains, but the sound has been edited to produce an unusually low pitch compared to the 'traditional' Desiro door sound.
    • This was later fixed in V1.8.1, along with a sound update for every other train in the Desiro family.
  • A problem was encountered during this train's upgrade to NGv1, due to the length of the double variant and the wheels. As a result, a new movement system was also implemented alongside the upgrade, in V1.3.1.

  • Sneak peek of the mesh AirLink Class 185, revealed on 20 February 2022

    Managing Director Charlie_RBX revealed the mesh model for the AirLink version, on 20 February 2022. This is evident of the similar first class interior found on TransPennine Express' Class 185s.