The Class 171 Turbostar trains are used for WaterLine services. These trains are 2 cars in length, with a max speed of 100 MPH. This train costs 2250 points.


  • These trains are almost the exact same as the Class 170s for Stepford Connect, with the only differences being the operator/livery and length. In real life they have different couplers too.
  • These trains are common on the very short Benton to Greenslade route, due to it having only 2 coaches. This train has the same top speed as the Class 319Class 379, and Class 730, all of which are on Waterline.
  • It is the fastest 2-coach train in the game at 100 mph.
  • For V1.1, the livery color of this train was made slightly darker.
  • This train has the most expensive points per carriage price, along with the Class 165. (1125 points per carriage)


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