The Class 166 Networker Turbo Express is a diesel multiple-unit manufactured by ABB, in use on Waterline. These trains are formed of 3 coaches and cost 2250 points.


  • In V1.1, this train, alongside the Class 165, was given a major refurbishment, based off of the Houghton Foundry model. The model was also improved.
  • Following the introduction of the Class 730, these trains, along with the Class 165, became a rare sight on the Waterline, as the Class 730's are faster, cheaper, and electric instead of diesel.
  • This train, along with the similar Class 165, were the last diesel trains and the last trains without an end gangway to receive a Next Generation upgrade.
  • This train is the only train to be upgraded in 1.5 that didn't actually have its own sneak peek. The Class 165, however, did.
  • In real life, this train operated by Great Western Railway.
  • This train is pretty much identical to the Class 165, with the only difference being the number of coaches. The Class 221 and Class 220 also share this trait. Unlike the Class 220 and Class 221, they both have to be purchased separately.
  • This was one of the last trains to be upgraded, alongside the Class 380, Class 165 and Class 730.


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