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The British Rail Class 158 Express Sprinter is a diesel multiple-unit manufactured by BREL, in use on Stepford Connect. These trains are formed of 2 (158/9) or 3 (158/0) coaches, and cost 1,500 points.


Doors opening
Doors closing


On 14 May 2019, this train was added to game. More than one year later, on 19 June 2020, the second sneak peek of the refurbished Coxly station showed the Class 158 with the new rebranded Stepford Connect livery. On 27 February 2022, the horn for this train was changed.


  • This is the first and only Stepford Connect train with a 2 coach variant.
  • The Class 158/0 is a 3 car and the Class 158/9 is a 2 car.
  • This train was one of the first two Next Generation trains released in the game, the other one being the Class 508 on Waterline.
  • From 8 to 10 May 2019, this train could be seen on random routes being operated by Beta Testers, before they received a dedicated server.
  • This is the only diesel train in SCR to have cab-end gangways.
  • In-game, the engine is unified to only one sound. In fact, Class 158s had engine options from two different engine manufacturers: Cummins (NTA855-R1, NTA855-R3), and Perkins (2006-TWH), with noticeable differences of the sounds of both manufacturer’s engines.
    • If actual units are treated as having the same equipment as their SCR appearance, it can be said that Cummins NTA855-R1 is the only confirmed engine for use in SCR’s Class 158, for Class 158/9 units numbered 158901 - 158910. Perkins 2006-TWH engines are only equipped for units numbered 158815 - 158862, and Cummins NTA855-R3 engines are only equipped for units numbered 158863 - 158872, which are numbers that aren’t existent in SCR.
  • Transmission shifting (fluid-coupling at 57 MPH) of the two-speed Voith T211rz hydraulic transmission is not reproduced in SCR.
  • The old livery of this train was similar to that of the Class 458/0 since the ends were coloured blue, however, they were not identical.
  • There were no 2-car Stop Markers for the Class 158/9 in any Stepford Connect platform until V1.4.1, when Benton Bridge added one. Otherwise, it needs to stop at the next lowest car Stop Marker.
  • This train was not released as a Previous Generation train with the same livery as the other Stepford Connect trains.
    • This train was the first train to be added directly in NGv1 without having been converted from a PG variant.
  • When a player chooses this train in the spawn menu, this destination display in the preview shows "Stepford Road" instead of "Not in service" like other trains.
  • The Class 158/9 is one of the shortest trains of SCR, alongside the single Class 143, Class 165/0, Class 171 and Class 195/0.
  • This train received the new Stepford Connect livery in V1.6.
  • When it was in beta, the Class 158/9 was numbered as the Class 158/1.
  • In real life, no units have been numbered as #1580XX, although the variant 158/0 does exist.
  • This train is known for its unusually narrow doors compared to other trains. This is also true in real life.
  • This train was also visible in the SCR thumbnail for V1.5, but has since been replaced with the Class 331.
  • This train is the only train to have an actual hinged door for the cab-end gangways.