City Hospital is a station located within the Stepford City Zone. It is served by Stepford Connect services to Beechley, Willowfield, Stepford Victoria, Port Benton, Stepford Airport Central, Berrily, Morganstown, Stepford United Football Club and Whitefield. The nearby hospital was renamed to Stepford City Hospital from Stepford General Hospital in the Version 1.6 update. This station is part of the Stepford Victoria and Willowfield Branches.

Platform Layout


  • This station was opened in Version 1.1, which was released on the 31st of December 2018.
  • R009, R026, R036 (which are exclusive to the Class 68) R032 and R035 are not scheduled to stop at this station.
  • The Willowfield Branch separates from the Stepford Victoria Branch west of this station.
  • There is an actual hospital near this station called Stepford City Hospital (formerly called Stepford General Hospital)
  • This station was originally going to be called Beechley. The name has since been used by a new station that opened in Version 1.6.
  • This station is realistically inaccurate as the size is inappropriate, especially near the Central Business District (CBD).
  • This station has step free access.
  • On June 11, 2020, BanTech revealed a sneak peek of what appears to be scenery updates

    Sneak peek released on June 11, 2020

    around this station and a redesigned signal.
  • The new buildings spell out the acronym ''NHS''.


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