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Cambridge Street Parkway is a through station, served by Waterline services to Newry Harbour, Newry, Connolly and James Street.

Track & Platform Layout

<< >> Passing Service Direction

Platforms/Tracks Services/Use
1 Waterline services to Connolly and James Street
<< Waterline services to Newry Harbour and Newry


Platform(s) Previous station Route Next station
1 Benton
Waterline Emoji.png R011
Waterline Emoji.png R012
to Connolly
Ashlan Park
Waterline Emoji.png R014
to James Street
Airport West
2-3 Ashlan Park
Waterline Emoji.png R011
to Newry
Waterline Emoji.png R012
to Newry Harbour
Airport West
Waterline Emoji.png R014
to Newry

Announcements of Cambridge Street Parkway

There are no Cambridge Street Parkway announcements for Stepford Connect
There are no Cambridge Street Parkway announcements for AirLink & Stepford Express


  • This station became slightly busier after the James Street Branch was added in Version 1.1.
  • Before V1.1, it was the only Waterline station that had platforms not in use.
  • The station became dispatchable in V1.3.21, although it is unlikely that this would encourage dispatchers to dispatch due to players rarely driving Waterline.
  • This station and Stepford Airport Parkway are the only stations in all of SCR to have "parkway" in their names.
  • Prior to v1.8, this station was based on Cambridge North.
    • With its overhaul in v1.8, this station now takes the basis of M3 Parkway in Ireland.
  • Cambridge Street Parkway and Airport West used to be the only stations on Waterline with a travel time of 2 minutes between them, but when the Morganstown Shuttle was released, Morganstown Docks and Morganstown also have a time of 2 minutes between them. The rest only have <1 minute.
    • Though in V1.9, timings between Waterline stations have increased due to complaints and the Newry branch upgrade.

      The station's name on the driver HUD

  • The name of this station is so long that on the Driver HUD, 'Parkway' is cut off.
  • Ironically, there was once a sign in the ticket hall says "Frequent services to Benton from Platforms 2 and 4", when players seldom drive Waterline. It has been removed in V1.8.
  • This station has the most parking spaces with 234 spaces.
  • Station rebuild posted on 23 October 2021

    Prior to V1.8, many players considered the station as one of the worst, due to the bare colour scheme and lack of scenery nearby, and hoped that there would be an improvement or rebuild of the station in future, Which it recieved in V1.8.
    • Eventually, Charlie_RBX previewed this station rebuilt on the 23rd of October 2021, evident of the station sign.
      • The billboard in the background is a reference to rock band Oasis.
  • After the station's overhaul in V1.8, access to the platform was replaced with ramps instead of stairs, making this station having step-free access.
  • Some players have criticized the Wondermall sign for being too "American" for a British-based railway simulator and therefore out of place.
  • Prior to V1.8, this station had two platforms each for eastbound and westbound services (1 & 3 for Eastbound, 2 & 4 for Westbound). Platform 1 and 2 was for services to and from Connolly, and Platform 3 and 4 for services to and from James Street.
    • After the overhaul in V1.8, Platform 4 was demolished. Platform 2 was converted into a westbound platform, leaving only 1 platform for eastbound services. There are also no longer seperate platforms for Connolly and James Street services.
    • The abandoned structure of Platform 4 and its track beds can still be seen in the station.