Cambridge Street Parkway is a through station. It is served by Waterline services to Newry, Newry Harbour, James Street and Connolly.

Track & Platform Layout

-] Terminus

<< Passing Service Direction





1 Waterline services to Connolly
<< Waterline services to Newry and Newry Harbour
3 Waterline services to James Street
<< Waterline services to Newry


  • This station became slightly busier after the James Street branch was added.
  • Before V1.1, it was the only Waterline station that had platforms not in use.
  • The station became dispatchable on V1.3.21 update although it is unlikely that this would encourage dispatchers to dispatch due to Waterline's inactivity.
  • This station and Stepford Airport Parkway are the only stations in all of SCR to have "parkway" in their names.
  • This station is based on Cambridge North.
  • Some players think this station should be in the Benton Zone since it's near to Benton, but it is never included in the zone on the Waterline map.
  • This station is considered as one of the worst looking stations in all of SCR due to is bare colour scheme and there is not much scenery either. There could be a future update or patch to improve the station's colour and design in the future.
  • This also decreases use of the station because if you catch a train from Benton you wouldn't start here.
  • Cambridge Street Parkway and Stepford Airport West used to be the only stations on Waterline with a travel time of 2 minutes between them, but when the Morganstown Shuttle was released, Morganstown Docks and Morganstown also have a time of 2 minutes between them. The rest only have 1 minute.
    Cambridge street but parkway runs out of space.png
  • This station's name is so long that it doesn't fully appear on the driver HUD.
  • There is a sign in the entrance of the station saying "Frequent services to Benton from Platforms 2 and 4", but as Waterline is rarely used, this sign isn't that true.
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