Bodin TrainCare is a shed located near Bodin Station. It replaced the Bodin Depot as of the Big Update. It no longer serves as a depot, but serves as an exhibition of the new trains being added to the game. Currently, no one is able to enter this building.

List of Stored Trains

Version Trains
V1.0.0-V1.1.0 Class 350 (before new livery), Class 319, Class 171, Class 380 (later added)
V1.1.0-V1.3.10 Class 68, Class 185 (AirLink), Class 802, Class 350 (new livery)
V1.3.10-V1.3.18 Class 377 (Connect), Class 387 (AirLink), Class 379 (WaterLine)
V1.3.18-V1.3.26 Class 707, Class 360, Class 458
V1.3.26-Present Class 755/3


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