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Removed feature

There's no way to view this in-game and it's unlikely to be added back in again. Information is definitely outdated and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

Bodin TrainCare was a defunct train maintenance depot in SCR, which was adjacent to Bodin station, facing towards Coxly. It has been removed in V1.7 as part of Bodin's revamp.

Replacing the Bodin Depot in The Big Update, it no longer served as a depot for train spawning like its precedent, but instead as an exhibition of the new trains being added to the game. The shed building was hollow inside, and was inaccessible for players due to locating next to the rails, without road connection nor a proper entrance.

After the sneak peek of the upgraded Bodin station for the V1.7 update was released, some people anticipated that Bodin TrainCare may be demolished as it could not be seen in the sneak peek. Although Former Community Director Thehazad9, also known as the Mayor of Bodin, replied “Who said it was removed” when being asked about it, and led to beliefs that the facility would be preserved, Bodin TrainCare was still demolished in the aforementioned update.

Some say that Benton Depot has replaced Bodin TrainCare, as it is also a train maintenance depot not too far from here, with trains not in use parked there. However, this is just speculation.

Trains stored

Version Trains Picture
V1.0.0 - V1.0.10 From left to right: Class 171, Class 319, Class 350 Old Bodin TrainCare.jpeg
V1.011 - V1.0.22 From left to right: Class 171, Class 319, Class 380, Class 350 Bodin TrainCare V1 0.png
V1.1.0 - V1.3.09 From left to right: Class 185 (AirLink), Class 68, Class 802, Class 350 Bodin TrainCare Old Trains.png
V1.3.10 - V1.3.17 From left to right: Class 379, Class 387 (Airlink), Class 377 Electrostar Trains At Bodin TrainCare.PNG
V1.3.18 - V1.3.25 From left to right: Class 458, Class 360, Class 707 V1.3.18 TrainCare
V1.3.26 - V1.5.1 Class 755/3 Class 755 @ Bodin TrainCare.png
V1.6.0 - V1.6.5 From left to right: Class 730/0, Class 720, NGv2 Class 380 (not visible in the picture), & Class 221 Btr16.png