About the rank

This rank is a rank in the BanTech Systems gr​​​​oup. People in the rank test upcoming updates and new features coming to SCR in the future, alongside other games owned or being developed in association with BanTech Systems.

As of June 1, 2019, there are 108 users with the Beta Tester role.

The first use of Beta Testers in SCR was with the Big Update, in which around 40 people were chosen to test the update and its features. Testing lasted around a month.

The second use of Beta Testers was with V1.1. Here, More testers were added to the Beta Testers rank. This testing period is the longest, lasting slightly over four months.

The third and most recent use of Beta Testers is to test the Class 158. More testers joined during this period. All of the testers tested the first interior train on Connect in live servers.

Testing usually takes place on a separate server. However, there are some exceptions, as the 158 was tested on live games.


Anyone can be a Beta Tester. You don't have to be in the SCR group to become one. However, you need to be in the BanTech Systems group, as the Beta Tester rank gives access to the testing server during testing periods.

Application Process

  1. First, you will need to join the BanTech Systems Roblox group. The link can be found on the SCR group page, or here:
  2. You will need to apply for the Beta Tester role. The applications open every time Beta Testers are needed for an upcoming update. Applications are currently CLOSED. Check @BanTechRBLX on Twitter for more information on application openings.
  3. Your application will then need to be approved by BanTech. Around 40 people are accepted into the programme each application period. Join the Discord server too. The link will be given in your acception message.
  4. Simply wait, and Beta Testing will begin shortly after you join.

Note: If you are already a Beta Tester, you will not need to redo the applications, as you will simply be transferred through to the next testing period. The only time you will need to do the applications again is if you leave the group and rejoin.

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