The Benton Zone is located east of Coxly station and southwest of Cambridge Street Parkway, is a zone in the heart of Stepford County served by Stepford Connect, Waterline, and Stepford Express services.


  • All Express and Waterline routes serve the Benton Zone. Same with Stepford Connect until V1.1 when it got extended to Morganstown.
  • Strangely, West Benton is not connected with the other stations via road, making it rather quiet and isolated from the rest of the zone.
  • Airlink is the only operator that does not go through this zone.


Route Number Origin Destination Operator
R001 Stepford Central Stepford Airport Central Stepford Connect
R002 Port Benton
R003 Leighton Stepford Road
R004 St Helens Bridge Edgemead
R005 Stepford Victoria Stepford Airport Central
R006 Port Benton
R009 Edgemead Stepford Connect

(Class 68)

R010 Newry Greenslade Waterline
R011 Connolly
R012 Newry Harbour
R013 Benton Greenslade
R014 Newry James Street
R015 Benton Morganstown
R024 Stepford Central Llyn-by-the-Sea Stepford Connect
R025 St Helens Bridge Westwyvern
R026 Stepford Victoria Llyn-by-the-Sea Stepford Connect

(Class 68)

R032 Willowfield Port Benton Stepford Connect
R033 Beechley Stepford Airport Central
R035 Willowfield Westwyvern
R036 Llyn-by-the-Sea Stepford Connect(Class 68)
R075 Stepford Central Benton (fast) Stepford Express
R076 Leighton Stepford Road
R077 Llyn-by-the-Sea
R078 Llyn-by-the-Sea (fast)
R079 Benton
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