The Benton Rail Operations Center (affectionately known as the ROC) is a building that is used for holding Dispatcher trainings and to control the signals around the network. On the 14th December 2018 it was announced that a new ROC Has been built in Stepford East and will open in V1.1. It is unsure whether the ROC at Benton will be removed from the Benton area. Howver it's unlikely for Benton's ROC to be removed due to the activeness at Benton.


  • The Benton ROC is a building that was added back in December, along with the upgraded Benton and Angel Pass.
  • Back then, most of the floors were empty, except for the front car of the Class 700 on the first floor.
  • In The Big Update, the signalling room was added, making this the place were the signallers signal the whole network at.
    File:Roblox 9 23 2018 8 11 38 AM.png

    The Class 700 seen from the outside

Floor Layout

First Floor Entrance with barriers and the front carriage of the Class 700
Second Floor Signal control room and some empty rooms
Third Floor Charlie_RBX, Thehazard9, and BanTech's offices


  • This is the place where the Signallers do their signalling at. The old signalling room was at Coxly .
  • Dispatcher trainings also start here, from outside the building.
  • Qualified Driver trainings used to start outside the building, like the Dispatcher Trainings, but now they start from outside Stepford Central.
  • A model of a Class 700 (Not in use anymore) is in the building.
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