The Benton Rail Operations Centre (or Benton ROC) is a building that was added in the V 0.9 update.


  • The Benton ROC is a building that was added back in the V 0.9 update, along with the upgraded Benton and Angel Pass.
  • Back then, most of the floors were empty, except for t
    File:Roblox 9 23 2018 8 11 38 AM.png

    The Class 700 seen from the outside

    he front car of a Class 700 on the lower floor, and some Executive offices on the top floor.
  • In V 1.0, the signalling room was added, making this the place were the signallers signal the whole network at.

Floor Layout

  • Lower Floor: Entrance with gates, Class 700 front carriage
  • Middle Floor: Signalling Room, empty space
  • Upper Floor: Executive Offices, empty space


  • This is the place where the Signallers do their signalling at.
  • Dispatcher trainings also start here, from outside the building.
  • Qualified Driver trainings used to start outside the building, like the Dispatcher Trainings, but now they start from outside Stepford Central.
  • A model of a Class 700 (Not in use anymore) is in the building.
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