This page is about the former signalling centre. For the new signalling box for Benton station, see: Benton Signal Box.



There's no way to view this in-game and it's unlikely to be added back in again. Information is definitely outdated and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

Benton Rail Operations Centre (also known as the Benton ROC or BOC) was a building that was used to control the signals around the network before Version 1.1. Dispatcher training used to be hosted here, and it also included some offices for the Directors. As of SCR Version 1.1, the signaling room is now defunct, as the Signalling center was moved to Stepford East ROC. However, the Directors' office was not relocated until V1.4.4 when they were officially moved to the new Stepford ROC in Stepford Central station.


  • The Benton ROC was added back in early January 2018 to replace the Coxly ROC, along with the upgraded Benton and Angel Pass.
  • Back then, most of the floors were empty, except for the display of the front car of Class 700 on the first floor. It was used for Dispatcher training.
  • In The Big Update, the signaling room was added, making this the place where Signallers signalled the whole network.
  • In Version 1.1, they removed the Class 700, as well as the equipment in the signalling room, and allowed everyone to go through the barriers on the first floor. The Class 700 was likely converted into a Class 707.
  • However, the Directors' offices remained in the center. It is unknown whether the offices were still used or not. But in V1.4.4, the offices are officially relocated to the new ROC in the renewed Stepford Central station.
  • As of Version 1.7, the ROC was demolished due to renovation for Benton station.

Floor Layout

Ground Floor Entrance with non-functional barriers; the track used to display the first car of the Class 700
First Floor Vacant Space. (Formerly Signalling Control Centre)
Second Floor MAGICMOVIESTEAM1 (past username of Charlie_RBX, MD, formerly called CEO),

thehazard9(past username of Thehazad9, former OD, then called COO, current CD)

and BanTech(ID, formerly called CDO)'s offices



  • Although it was open to the public before V1.7, players couldn't access the offices.
  • Before V1.7, Charlie_RBX's past username 'MAGICMOVIESTEAM1' was still shown in there. Inside his office displayed a pink pixel text saying 'HI CHARLIE'.
  • Thehazad9's former name 'thehazard9'is also shown here.
  • The track inside this building could despawn players just like other tracks in SCR.
  • After the former Coxly ROC and Stepford East ROC were demolished in V1.6, Benton ROC was the only defunct ROC that still remained in the game. It was demolished in V1.7 and possibly replaced by the Benton Signal Box.
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