Benton Depot is a train depot in Stepford County Railway that is used by Stepford Connect services. The depot is adjacent to Benton station and is very close to the station.

Untouched since early versions of SCR, in Version 1.7, this depot got an overhaul. 3 sidings and a few decorative trains have been added. There are now 2 lanes instead of 4 which you can spawn at.

Depot Component

Depot Slot Routes Platform at Benton
Lane 1


R001, R002, R003, R004, R005, R006, R009, R024, R025, R026, R032, R033, R035, R036 Platforms 11/12
Lane 2



  • Before The Big Update, Benton Depot was the most congested depot as many people were lagging or just simply trolling by committing a SPAD. Since the V1.1 update has arrived, Benton Depot isn't as congested anymore and now Stepford Depot has more traffic.
  • Although they are both nearby, this depot does not serve Waterline or Stepford Express trains due to the track arrangement.
    • Waterline trains may use the Benton Siding, which is also close to Benton, instead.
    • Strangely, though Express trains cannot spawn at this depot, some not in service Express Class 801 units are parked on the sidings in this depot.
  • Along with the now removed Coxly Depot, it has got a name for itself as 'The Noob Depot' with a large amount of Class 357s on the Stepford Victoria to Airport Central route.
  • Due to tracks settings, Connect trains terminating at Benton (i.e. R039) cannot use this depot. Trains on this route will have to spawn at Coxly Bypass Siding instead.
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