Beechley Sidings is a southbound facing siding located between Beechley and Financial Quarter/City Hospital. At the triangle junction, trains can go east or west to terminate at Stepford Victoria or via Stepford Central. It has space for two trains to spawn at once and is equipped with shunt signals. This is a popular place for people to spawn, and therefore queues are not uncommon at this station, not helped by the junction south of the depot.

Siding Component

Siding Slot Routes Next Station
Lane 1 (Connect) R005, R006, R008, R009, R022, R023, R026, R028,R029, R030, R031, R032, R033, R034, R035, R036 Stepford Central (Platform 10)

City Hospital (Platform 1) Financial Quarter (Platform 2)

Stepford Victoria (Platforms 1-6)

Lane 2 (Connect)


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