Beaulieu Park is a through station that opened as part of V1.1 along the Stepford Connect extension to Morganstown. This station serves trains to Stepford Central, Beechley and Morganstown.

Track Layout

Platforms Services
1 Stepford Connect services to Morganstown
2 Stepford Connect services to Stepford Central and Beechley


  • Airlink trains pass by this station on the inaccessible platforms with the sign "TRAINS DO NOT STOP HERE". These platforms are not recognized as part of the station due to the fact that there are no platform numbers given to them, the same goes with East Berrily.
  • It is technically an interchange between Waterline and Connect, due to the fact that you can walk to Whitney Green from the station. The most convenient way to get to Whitney Green is to follow the path to the park. You can also walk to East Berrily from this station.
  • This station, along with Edgemead and James Street, are the only stations in SCR having neither CIS boards nor Concourse Information Boards.
  • This station is rarely used, but not considered as a limited station since no trains actually non-stop here on used platforms.
  • This station and Ashlan Park,Hemdon Park are the only stations in SCR to have "park" in their name.
  • This station used to be called "Beaulieu Park (Morganstown)". However, when it opened, it was renamed to just "Beaulieu Park".
  • This station's platforms are slightly shorter than the length of a 5-car train. When a 5-car train approaches this station, the announcer will state that the doors of the rear coach will not open. This also happens at Hemdon Park, New Harrow, Elsemere Pond, and East Berrily.
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