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A legacy Class 357 train loading at Platform 3, shortly after the One Million Update


Angel Pass is a through station. It is served by Stepford Connect with limited services to Stepford Victoria, Stepford Central, Port Benton, Stepford Airport Central and Leighton Stepford Road.

Track Layout

Roblox 3 15 2019 6 41 51 AM

A legacy Class 68 at platform 2

Key: (Platform #) (Operator) services to (Destination)

Platform/Track Uses
Platform 1 Stepford Connect services to Port Benton, Stepford Airport Central, and Leighton Stepford Road
Platform 2 Stepford Connect services to Stepford Victoria and Stepford Central
Platform 3


  • There is an express track so that trains that are scheduled to skip can pass without the stopping trains blocking.
  • The R004, R005 and R009 skips this station.
  • The viaduct Stepford Express is planned to use can be see if the camera were zoomed out enough. Prior to this station’s addition, Connect trains also used it
  • This station was very under detailed when it came out.
  • Despite the limited service, this station is dispatchable.

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