The Airport Zone, located northeast of the Benton Zone, is a zone in Stepford County served by Stepford Connect, WaterLine, and AirLink services.


  • All AirLink routes serve the Airport Zone.
  • Strangely, Stepford Airport West on theWaterline is not connected with the other stations, making it rather quiet and isolated from the rest of the zone.
  • Out of all the stations in this zone, only Stepford Airport Parkway and Stepford Airport West have a road entrance.
  • The full network map does not show the usual loop with an arrow indicating the direction unlike the AirLink map.
  • All stations are based on real Airports, their terminals, and the name 'Airport.'
  • This was the only zone that was served by all operators before Express was released.


Route Number Origin Destination Operator
R001 Stepford Central Stepford Airport Central Stepford Connect
R005 Stepford Victoria Stepford Connect
R014 Newry James Street WaterLine
R051 Stepford Central Stepford Airport Central (E) AirLink
R052 Airport Terminal 2 (E) AirLink
R053 Airport Terminal 2 (S) AirLink
R054 Stepford Airport Central (S) AirLink
R055 Airport Terminal 3 AirLink
R056 Stepford Airport Central Leighton Stepford Road AirLink
R057 Airport Terminal 3 AirLink
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