Airport Terminal 1 (colloquially known as Terminal 1) is an underground railway station in the Airport Zone. It is served by AirLink services to Airport Terminal 2 loop.

Platform Layout

Platform Service
Platform 1 AirLink services to Airport Terminal 2


  • This is the 2nd station in SCR to be fully underground.
  • This is also the 2nd station to have one track, as the first is Newry Harbour.
  • This station resembles Heathrow Central railway station and the name is based on Heathrow's terminal stations, however terminals 1, 2 and 3 are served by the same station.
  • The CIS boards at this station used to not function properly.
  • Passengers willing to go to Terminal 3 have to change at Terminal 2.
  • This station does not have an entrance just like Terminal 2.
  • On the AirLink map Airport Terminal 1 is like Berrily, saying Limited Service.
RobloxScreenShot20181210 163800753

Airport Terminal 1 under construction.

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