In-game advertisements are an important feature in SCR. The advertisements can be used to advertise in-game features, post sneak peeks or inform the community about events. It can be found at almost every station in SCR, and they can appear in big billboards or small information boards.

List of advertisements


Title Image Text Description Style Place Date
Stepford Connect
V1.5 Connect Ad
Hello Stepford, we're your new operator. Please bear with us whilst we redecorate. Advertising rebranded Connect. Horizontal Cycling globally V1.5.0-Present
V1.5 Waterline Ad
arriving sooner than you think Advertising rebranded waterline, all lower-case.
WaterLine by Connect rebranding notice
Bandicam 2020-06-26 09-51-08-589
You'll notice that we're removing our logo from stations and trains.

This is because the Waterline by Connect franchise is coming to an end.

The new operator's brand will be introduced over the coming months.

Vertical Stepford UFC
Stepford United Football Club Merch
SUFC Merch ad
Support your local team! - Stepford United - SUFC Merch Advertising SUFC Merchandise, which can be found at SUFC, Bodin and Benton.

Featuring the stadium of SUFC.

West Benton Pet Supplies
West Benton pet supplies ad
West Benton Pet Supplies - Where your pets matter! An advertisement made by former PDV, Mattyx2013.

Featuring the logo of Matty Studios lower-left on the ad.

In the Connect Information Board of Leighton City, Whitefield, Whitefield Lido, and Starryloch V1.4.1-Present
Five Million Update
Millon Trains
Thank you for 10 million visits Featuring all Million update trains and highlighted the Voyager. Horizontal Cycling globally

April 19 - Present

Transport For Stepford
Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 2
Your Voice. Our Region.Putting Customers first for a better connected public transport network An ad informing the new Train Announcements Horizontal Cycling


Pride in Stepford
Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 2 (1)
Proudly supported by: Stepford Connect Transport For Stepford An Ad showing the Pride Connect Logo Horizontal Cycling



Title Image Text Description Style Date
Stepford Connect
Stepford to Leighton (Connect Ad)
SCR Connect Ad 2 (updated)
Stepford to Leighton in under 30 minutes... - Choose Connect Advertising Connect service. Features Class 707 at Leighton Stepford Road and legacy Class 720 Horizontal V1.0-Present

Not Present Between V1.5-V1.51 For Benton One


For Connect And Airlink One

AirLink Billboard
City Centre to Stepford Airport in 8 minutes[1] - take a ride on AirLink Advertising AirLink service. Featuring a legacy Class 802.
Eden Quay Poster
Enjoy Eden Quay's beautiful lights - hop on board WaterLine, Part of your Connect service Advertising Waterline service. Featuring Eden Quay at night, and could only be found at Stepford UFC. Vertical V1.4.1-V1.4.6
SCR Merch
SCR Merch ad
Want to look as good as us? - Find our new merch on the SCR group store! Advertising SCR Merchandise on the former Directors' avatar. Featuring Central Mall and old SCR logo. Horizontal V1.1-V1.4.5

Coming Soon.


Many diferent images from the reveal. In V1.4.6


West Benton Pet Supplies Ad
  • Taking Connect trains can bring you from Stepford to Leighton under 30 minutes, however Express is much faster.
  • The SCR Merch advertisement is outdated because the five shirts shown in the ad were made in 2018 and are no longer for sale.
  • There is an older version of WBPS ad, which is shown on the right.
  • A real-life merch ad appears in the sneak peek of Llyn-by-the-Sea, however it was never added into the game.
スクリーンショット 2018-12-17 21.05.19

#oneMillion advertisement seen at Angel Pass

  • Shortly before the release of Ten Million update, there were 3 types of ads peeking the Voyager trains.
  • There was an One Million Visits ad, but later it got removed.
  • Public advertising system is listed on the Roadmap, which can allow players to post their own ads under Roblox Terms.
  • James Street and Beaulieu Park do not have any type of ads.
  • Currently Stepford Express is the only operator that has never got any advertisements promoting it.


  1. By the fastest route R051 or R052
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