Stepford County Railway Wiki

These rules apply on the discussions, comments of pages and message walls only. If you see someone breaking these rules, please inform one of our staff members. The rules for the discussions can also be found here.

Minor offences
Users who break one of the rules below commit a minor offence and will receive a warning.

3 valid and non-expired warnings will result in a temporary or permanent block, depending on the number of previous blocks.

  • Do not create useless or irrelevant posts. The features would get spammed else.
  • Posting posts again after a staff member removed them will not be tolerated. Posts are removed for a reason so please refrain from re-posting them.
  • Constantly reporting posts which don't break any rules is not allowed. This is trolling and may make us overlook rule-breaking posts.
  • Constantly categorising posts wrongly is not tolerated. The categories are there for a reason and cover all possible topics. In case your post does not fit in any category, use the General one instead of categorising it wrongly.
  • Do not create any of the kind of posts below.
    • Posts regarding anything you bought/want to buy. This includes polls about what the other users will choose.
    • Posts regarding the likeliness of anything.
    • Posts about upgrades of stations