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Please use this wiki as a reference, not a source!

Welcome. Please remember this is an editable wiki, which means that anyone who has had a wiki account for a few days can edit the information. This wiki is not run by the Directors, although we do have some staff members of SCR working with us, they are not here on official business.

We do try to keep information as accurate as possible, if you find any false information, feel free to edit it or tell a staff member.

Warnings and blocks

We have a system of warnings. When issued a warning, it will expire after 3 months or if you get blocked after a warning that hasn't expired yet. If you obtain 3 non-expired and valid warnings you will be blocked from the wiki for a set time, which depends on your previous blocks.

Unlike warnings, blocks don't have a set time when they expire. The expiry of blocks depends on the reason you got blocked for and can range from one week to infinite.


Validly issued punishments

All punishments are able to be appealed unless stated otherwise.

Invalidly issued punishments

If a punishment was issued for an invalid reason, it will be removed and the staff member will be reprimanded.

If you feel a strike, block, etc. was unwarranted, please inform us.

Ways to appeal

Appeal form: Click here

All appealable punishments can be appealed through our appeal form.

All appealable punishments issued on the wiki can additionally be appealed by replying to the punishment message sent by our staff members as well as by creating a ticket on our Discord server.

All Discord warnings can be appealed by creating a ticket on our Discord server too.

Reporting staff

To report moderators, please contact an admin or bureaucrat. To report admins, please contact a bureaucrat. To report bureaucrats, please contact another bureaucrat to help. DO NOT bring it to the discussions, pages, comments, or anywhere else on the wiki.


If a sufficient amount of time has passed between unacceptable edits, an Administrator or Bureaucrat may choose to block for a shorter duration, or just issue a warning. There is no hard set rule for dealing with this, administrators and above should use their best judgement or ask fellow staff.

Users cannot be blocked, warned, or otherwise punished for rule violations that occurred more than 2 weeks ago, however they may be sent a reminder message to tell them that it isn't and why it isn't allowed.


The following is a reference sheet for wiki staff when issuing warnings and blocks to users. This applies to the wiki only, our Discord server has a different set of rules.

The following rules apply to all users.