Please use this wiki as a reference, not a source

Welcome. Please remember this is an editable wiki, which means that anyone who has had a wiki account for a few days can edit the information. This wiki is not run by the Directors, although we do have some Managers and Supervisors working with us - they are not here on official business.

We do try to keep information as accurate as possible, if you find any false information, feel free to edit it or tell a Wiki Staff member.

Editing Etiquette

  1. To make the information as clear as possible, please use full British English (not American English), including full spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formal word usage. Edits that don't meet our expectations or are unclear may be removed.
  2. Information posted must be officially stated by SCR Management. Refrain from adding information from an unreliable source (e.g. rumours, an impostor of management). (Do not add any information that you can not prove to be true)
  3. Leaks (including stations in normally inaccessible areas of the map, and unintentional leaks- e.g. a director accidentally showing information about a new line on a livestream) are not considered official information.
  4. All images and information must be from official sources. Just because a manager said that there will be a station beyond whatever doesn't mean you can trackwalk and upload information about it!

House Rules

These rules apply everywhere on the wiki.

  1. Usernames must be appropriate. Impersonation or profane language is not allowed in usernames. This includes adult references.
  2. Profane language (leniency with 'bloody' and 'damn') is not allowed anywhere on the wiki. This especially applies if targeted towards another user.
  3. Respect is paramount, please be respectful to all other users.
  4. Follow moderator/admin instructions. If you disagree with their instruction, please make a complaint about the staff member through either twitter or discord. 


We have a system of warnings. When issued a warning, it will expire after 3 months or if you get blocked after a warning that hasn't expired yet. If you obtain a 3 non-expired and valid warnings you will be blocked from the wiki.

To appeal a warning, please leave a reply to the thread where the warning was given.


Appealing Validly Issued Blocks

All wiki blocks are able to be appealed unless stated otherwise. To appeal, please message us on twitter.

Appealing Invalidly Issued Blocks

If a block was issued without cause, it will be removed and the staff member will be reprimanded.

If you feel a strike, block, etc. was unwarranted, please message us on twitter.

Reporting Staff

To report moderators, please contact an admin or bureaucrat. To report admins, please contact a bureaucrat. To report bureaucrats, please contact another bureaucrat to help. You can also message us on twitter.

The following is a reference sheet for wiki administrators when issuing warnings and blocks to users. This applies to the Wiki only, Discord has a different set of rules.


If a sufficient amount of time has passed between unacceptable edits, an admin may choose to block for a shorter duration, or just issue a warning. There is no hard set rule for dealing with this, administrators should use their best judgement or ask fellow staff.

Users cannot be blocked, warned, or otherwise punished for rule violations that occurred more than 2 weeks ago. They may be sent an informal reminder message to tell them why it's not allowed.


The following guidelines apply to all users after the 21st August 2019. Any users facing blocks that do not directly follow these current guidelines will not be blocked or unblocked. Instead, if said user faces a block due to expire, they will be given a "fresh start" and expected to comply with the new guidelines.

Administrators and bureaucrats may grant exceptions to the above rule.

Minor Offence
Users who commit a minor offence will receive a warning. 3 valid and non-expired warnings will result in a temporary or permanent block, depending on the number of previous blocks.

  • Creating a useless or irrelevant page that doesn't include hate speech, offensive language, racism, pornography or sexual content.
  • Replacing parts of a page with nonsense that doesn't include hate speech, offensive language, racism, pornography or sexual content.
  • Sending spam that doesn't include hate speech, offensive language, racism, pornography or sexual content in the comments of a page.
  • Creating an irrelevant discussions post that doesn't include hate speech, offensive language, racism, pornography or sexual content.
  • Not listening to reminders from staff.
  • Creating useless categories.
  • Spamming another user's message wall.
  • Spamming the discussions.
  • Being disrespectful to other users.
  • Discussing sensitive topics such as politics, race or gender.
  • Provoking, insulting or attacking others.
  • Uploading an irrelevant file that isn't used for your profile page on purpose.
  • Edit warring.
  • Edit farming.
  • Making a duplicate page.
  • Editing the profile of another user.
  • Removing warnings on your message wall.
  • Adding categories to pages.
  • Minimodding.
  • Repeatedly reporting discussions posts that don't break the rules.
  • Creating a discussions post asking people what they think will be added.
Severe Offence
Users who commit a Severe Offence will be blocked for a temporary period of time without any warnings.

  • Profanity or Swearing (1 day block).
  • Having 3 valid and non-expired warnings without any previous validly issued blocks (1 week block).
  • Toxic behaviour or repeated harassment (2 week block).
  • Having 3 valid and non-expired warnings with 1 previous validly issued block (1 month block).
  • Minor vandalism, vandalising 1 - 2 pages (1 month block).
  • Translating pages into another language (1 month block).
  • Sending others death threats or threatening to harm them (3 month block).
  • Being under 13 (1 day - 5 year block, the amount of time until you turn 13 if you tell an admin when you turn 13. If you refuse to tell an admin when you turn 13, you will be blocked for 5 years).
Major Offence
Users who commit a Major Offence will be blocked indefinitely or infinitely without any warnings.

  • Having inappropriate profile information, an inappropriate profile picture or an inappropriate name that includes hate speech, offensive language, racism, pornography or sexual content (Indefinite block, blocked until it is changed).
  • Name impersonation or profile picture impersonation (Indefinite block, blocked until it is changed).
  • Having 3 valid and non-expired warnings with 2 or more previous validly issued blocks (Infinite block).
  • Hate speech, offensive language, racism, pornography or sexual content (Infinite block).
  • Sending links to inappropriate, malicious or dangerous websites (Infinite block).
  • Vandalising 2+ pages or raiding (Infinite block).
  • Creating a copy of this wiki (Infinite block).
  • Using a sockpuppet account to bypass a block (Infinite block and the length of your main account's block will be doubled).
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