Stepford County Railway Wiki

The Manual of style of this wiki aims to provide all needed information on what this wiki expects from all editors when editing as well as setting a consistent writing style for all wiki articles. All editors are responsible for knowing and fully understanding this manual. Not editing accordingly to this manual may result in punishments issued to your account according to our rules.


Expections to edits

When editing this wiki, you are expected to:

  • Assist in reverting vandalism
  • Ensure that all articles use proper British English.
  • Link pages when necessary.
  • Make sure every page is up to the wiki's standards, as defined in this manual.
  • Maintain a neutral and objective voice when writing articles.
  • Remove information, that is false and/or breaks our rules.
  • Understand the words you use in articles.
  • Think before you edit a page.
    • Should this edit be done?
    • Is my edit needed?
    • Is my information correct?
    • Is my edit up to the wiki’s editing standards?
    • Do I understand what I’m putting in?

Perspective and pronouns

All articles have to be written in a neutral, third-person perspective. Pages are also expected to be written objectively. When referring to the reader, use words like ‘player’, ‘user’ instead of 'you'. When referring to a role (group), use the name of the group. When writing about people, use the pronouns ‘they’ and ‘them’, unless their gender is known. Do not use subjective words, like ‘ugly’ or 'weird', instead words like ‘unique’.

Acceptable example

  • “The Class 185/2 on AirLink is unique due to its amount of coaches.”
  • "Leighton City is one of few stations to be underground."

Unacceptable examples

  • “The Class 185/2 on AirLink is a weird train due to its amount of coaches.” - subjective
  • “I like this train. It is a very nice train.” - subjective, first-person perspective
  • "Leighton City is pretty nice because it's underground." - subjective
  • "Leighton City should be redone because it's disgusting." - subjective

Trivia sections

Trivia sections should contain little-known information about the subject of the article. They should not contain obvious, subjective, or untrue information, and they should not restate what was already covered in the article. They are still to be held up to the same standards as other information on the wiki.

Acceptable examples

  • The Class 68 is the only train that requires experience to purchase.
  • Although both the Class 68 and the Class 43 have the same Mark 3 coaches, the Class 43 ones feature PIS screens, but those on the Class 68 don’t.
  • As of V1.7, R003 is bugged due to the fact that you get despawned once you pass Benton.

Unacceptable examples

  • The Class 68 is a locomotive. - restates the obvious
  • The Class 43 is different to the Class 68. - obvious fact
  • The Class 458 just looks weird. - subjective
  • The door sounds of this train are weird. - subjective
  • Don't drive R003 because it's now bad and broken. - subjective
  • R003 is the third route. - obvious fact


All dates are to be written in the day month year format. Any other formats are not acceptable and will be converted to day month year once found. The only change allowed to this format is adding suffixes to days (for example 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th).

Acceptable examples

  • 17 January 2021
  • 17th January 2021
  • Winter 2021
  • Q1 2021

Unacceptable examples

  • January 17 2021- is MM/DD/YY
  • 2021-01-17- is YY/MM/DD



On this wiki, we have different infoboxes for different aspects of the game.

Navigation boxes (Navboxes)

For easier navigation, all pages relating to updates, ranks, zones, depots, sidings, operators (including their routes and trains) and stations have to use the Template:Network navigation box at the bottom of the page. Depending on what page this is being used on, different parameters have to be entered. It is highly recommended to look at the documentation of this template before use.


To inform users about the status of a specific thing on a page or feature, there are various notices, which can be added directly under the heading of the subject.

  • Template:Cancelled - If a (planned) feature is cancelled (like TramLink), add this template directly under the heading of the subject.
  • Template:Deletion - If you think a page/section should be deleted because it breaks any rules, add this template to the top of the page/section with a reason for the deletion.
    • Template:DeletionProposal - If you think a page/section should be deleted but it does not need speedy deletion because it does not break any rules, add this template to the top of the page/section with a reason for the deletion proposal.
  • Template:Disambig - In case a term is used for more than one thing (for example Benton Bridge - this term can refer to the station or to the bridge itself), a disambiguation page should be created with this template being at the top of the page.
  • Template:Former Features - For features, which were once present but have been removed with reference left, this template should be directly under the heading of the subject.
  • Template:Main - Using this template, signify that a section has got a full article with more information regarding the same topic.
  • Template:Removed - For features, which were once present but have been removed (like Previous Generation trains), this template should be directly under the heading of the subject.
  • Template:Speculated - Any features that are unconfirmed but do have reference to them in official media should receive this template.
  • Template:Stub - In case an article or section misses information, this template is to be added to the page/section which needs more information.
  • Template:Upcoming - Any features sneak peeked by the developers, however not released yet, should receive this template directly under the heading of the subject.

The notices below signify the status of applications. They are used on rank pages as well as the Applications page.



There is no set rule on naming, however, please name your files in a descriptive way. Files with names like “ABCDE-FGHIJ-KLMNO(2).png” or “download.jpg” are not descriptive in any way. Please make a method for yourself on how you name your files. If you are found to name files in a non-descriptive way, your files will be deleted and you will be asked to re-upload the file with a descriptive name.

Images/files on pages

All articles with infoboxes must have a picture resembling the topic of the page. When adding pictures, you should always attribute the author of an image if the image you uploaded is not yours.  Attributions have to either be located in the file's description or on the caption of the image on the page using the image.

Unless one or more of the following applies to a picture:

  • The picture is inaccurate or outdated.
  • The picture is otherwise not a good-quality picture and better-quality pictures can be used, little to no effort was put into making it a good-quality picture, or it has a low resolution.
  • The picture has UI elements in it (unless absolutely needed).
  • The picture has notable changes made to it (e.g. added text, filters, vignettes not used for brightening). This includes watermarks.

then it is not to be removed.